Get Closer to Your Partner with a Couples Massage

Relax with a Soothing Couples Massage

Relax with a Soothing Couples Massage

Nothing brings partners closer together like a couples massage from Pathway to Serenity.  These extremely intimate encounters allow two people to get relaxing massages from two massage therapists simultaneously.  Even though couples are enjoying their massages at the same time they do not receive the same massage. One person may be carrying more tension in their shoulders and upper back while the other is experiencing stiffness in the legs and feet. Be sure to discuss each of your specific ailments before the couple massage begins. To book a Couple Massage please call our office for pricing and availablity.

Couples massages make a great gift for anniversaries, or to simply escape together. The massage therapists at Pathway to Serenity specialize in performing the most relaxing couples massage in Reno and Sparks, NV. Your journey to serenity and quality time together begins by being greeted at the door by your massage therapists. They will then brew you a cup of hot tea of your choice and give you a moment to unwind in their relaxation center. To fully enjoy this part of the massage experience, you may want to arrive a few minutes early so as not to take away from your massage time. When you are ready you and your partner will be escorted to our beautifully decorated couples massage room.

Reconnect with Someone During Your Couples Massage

Reconnect with Someone During Your Couples Massage

Benefits of a Couples Massage Include:

  • Intimate Bonding Opportunity with Partner
  • Increased Comfort
  • Bond with Family or Friends
  • Personalized Therapy Together
  • Reduce Stress/ Muscle Tension
  • Improved Immune System
  • Eliminate Stiffness
  • Increase Blood Flow/ Circulation
  • Reduce Pain

A Couples Massage is Not Just limited to Partners

The benefits of couples massage can be extended to family and friends. Mothers and daughters, best friends, and even aunts and nieces can all boost their bonds with a relaxing couples massage. Let your stress slip away while you both are rejuvenated over an hour-long session. You are free to talk to one another through the massage, but be sure to decide if that is something you want to engage in before the massage begins.

Pathway to Serenity Offers More Than Couples Massage

Our licensed and qualified massage therapists are committed to improving you and your partner’s overall health and well-being. We are available to clients from all walks of life and professions.  As a full-service massage spa, we offer hour-long therapeutic massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, sugar foot scrub with a foot massage, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy massage. The path to total body relaxation starts by booking an appointment online here.

Complete Couples Massage Reno Residents Love!

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