Relaxing and Rejuvenating Massages for Body and Mind

The journey to complete body relaxation and a total release of stress start with massages at Pathway to Serenity. Our experienced and certified massage therapists are committed to overall health and well-being. To learn more about our massage therapists CLICK HERE.

Prenatal Massage

Reducing the amount of stress on your body makes for an easier and healthier pregnancy. Our certified and experienced massage therapists are specially trained to remove this stress while making sure to take care of the life growing inside of you. We provide soothing music and comfortable massage tables specifically designed for this stage of your life. To learn more about our prenatal massages CLICK HERE.


Therapeutic Massage

We combine Swedish massage with deep tissue pressure points to create a total body relaxation.  Enjoy the calming music and ambiance of one of our private massage rooms. Feel the stress of daily life release during one of the most soothing massages Reno has to offer. To learn more about our therapeutic massage CLICK HERE.


Couples Massage

This intimate and relaxing massage brings you closer together with someone you love. Enjoy these massages in the same relaxing room as you are both massaged by two masseuses simultaneously. This is a fantastic way to share an anniversary or other special events. It is not limited to just couples. Family members and friends can enjoy these benefits. To learn more about our Couples Massage CLICK HERE.

Deep Tissue Massage

Release knots and set in stress from the healing hands of our experienced massage therapists. This focused massage technique concentrates on specific areas of the body that you and your therapist will discuss before the massage begins. The goals of deep tissue massage are to address painful muscles, repetitive strain, or injuries to promote a pain-free life. To learn more about this massage CLICK HERE.

Hot Stone Massage

Stress melts away under the heat of specifically placed basalt stones. Heated to a comfortable temperature your massage therapist will place them on your face, back, or other places to release muscle tension. This creates a deeper and more relaxing massages. In some cases, the stones will be in the therapist’s hands during the massage. To learn more about our hot stone massage CLICK HERE.

Sports Massage

Athletes want to stay at the top of their game. Regular sports massages are the best way to ensure that happens. Our massage therapists are trained to focus on the specific areas of your body depending on which sport you are playing. We are available for these massages before an event to increase focus and after an event to prevent lasting injuries. To learn more about our sports massage CLICK HERE.

Aromatherapy Massage

Enhance your therapeutic massage with scents that promote a positive mood and a deeper relaxation. Depending on your specific ailment will depend on which essential oil your therapist will use. These oils can either be diffused through an aromatherapy diffuser or rubbed into your skin during the massage. To learn more about our aromatherapy massage CLICK HERE.

Emollient Scalp Massage

Complete any massage we offer by adding a fifteen-minute Emollient scalp massage. Our massage therapists activate specific trigger points on the scalp using warm oil.  The oil is 100% organic and rinses out of your hair easily. To add a scalp massage to your massage CLICK HERE.

Sugar Foot Scrub and Foot Massage

Take a walk on stress-free feet after getting an invigorating sugar foot scrub and foot massage. We use a homemade sugar foot scrub that combines jojoba and olive oil with small sugar granules and essential oils to create a unique experience. This process exfoliates and regenerates the skin while relieving toe, arch, and heel pain. To learn more about our sugar foot scrub and foot massage CLICK HERE.

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